Hatch It Server. A powerful, intuitive, high performance backend for your Apps and Websites.

Hatch It Server can be integrated so quickly, everyone took the rest of the day off.

Develop quickly…Launch confidently…Scale easily

Important Features

  • deep querying
  • subscriptions
  • atomic writes
  • versioning
  • multi-environment support
  • flexible ACLs
  • schema locking/migration
  • anonymous users

Some ways you can use Hatch It

Startups/Side Projects

  • a back end for a mobile app
  • a back end for a website
  • as a sync server to keep app preferences in sync across all your user’s devices


  • to coordinate background batch jobs
  • a back end for internal mobile apps
  • a back end for internal desktop apps

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  • Single instance (dev)
  • Store up to 5K records/files*
  • 10MB of data storage
  • 100MB of data transfer/mo



  • Single instance (prod)
  • Store up to 500K records/files*
  • 5GB of data storage**
  • 5GB of data transfer/mo**



  • 2 instances (prod and dev)
  • Unlimited records/files*
  • 500GB of data storage**
  • 500GB of data transfer/mo**


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  • Deploy to your own hardware or cloud provider
  • High Availability/Clustering Mode
  • Unlimited instances
  • Phone Support

* Unlimited meaning that you can store as many records/files as your plan’s storage limits allow

** Additional storage and data transfer available at an additional charge

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