A New App in a Few Taps…

Always wanted to launch your own app? Need an internal app for your department, but have no IT resources? Want to prototype an idea for your technical co-founder? Do you want to just get to market quickly?

Our Builder App can solve all these problems for you…

With the Builder App you create your own App by defining your data (or pulling it from a backend like Parse) and your UI. You can then generate and download the code for that App or you can just run it in our Viewer App.

No coding skills are required. If you can create a spreadsheet or social media profile or presentation, then you can create an App.

Follow these four easy steps….



The schema describes your data. You define the type, or Category, of the data you want to capture; such as Employees, Orders, Parts, and then you define the individual pieces of the data; such as OrderID, Employee Name.



Next you create the screens which are the UI of your App. You create a screen by picking a template, giving it a name and choosing some template specific options.



After you have defined your screens you have to setup your Layout. This includes setting your App’s accent color, specifying a Welcome Screen if you created one and choosing a Navigation Style for your App.



Then can generate the code for your app. Code can be generated for iPhone, Android or to run in the Hatch It Viewer.

Developers we’re not replacing you…

By taking care of the boilerplate for you and providing an extensible code base we’re giving you the opportunity to focus on cool features and still come to the market very quickly.

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